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They say it's a small world. They're wrong.

PLANET EARTH is a big place and full of infinite variety. There are around 200 countries in the world, depending how you count them.

No one can ever visit them all, except for a few box tickers. You need to prioritize. gives you a solid overview of most of the world’s countries and what makes them worth visiting. The Top 100 Countries book puts it all in one place.

We rank 120 countries and look at dozens more. We rate them all by ten different factors - and we also get a bit opinionated at times.

An entirely new way of looking at the world

EVERYBODY HAS an opinion on which are the best countries to visit. It seems that anybody who has been anywhere is an instant expert on the place.

We have our own views, of course. Travel is the most personal of experiences. But we also believe that you can approach the important matter of working out where on earth to travel to next with a bit of common sense and some cold, hard facts.

So we have come up with a radically new way of looking at the world. We have rated every country by ten key factors important to the traveler. And we haven't made them up - we rely on authoritative international sources. This website explains how we have done it.

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Find out how to buy The Top 100 Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them

The Top 100 Countries

And Why You Should Visit Them

AT LAST  - a comprehensive guide to the world that doesn't sugarcoat everywhere. If a place is no good, we say so. And we can prove it.

That's because we're not making it up. The Top 100 Countries uses a unique ten factor numeric rating system to rank each country (120 of them) by such things as things to see and so, health system, personal safety and the environment.

All the data is taken from reputable independent sources. None of this is secret, but what we have done for the first time is bring it all together in a way that shows the strengths and weaknesses of each country as a travel destination (with a little secret sauce).

There is also an extensive write-up on each country, with the best and worst points and must-see destinations. It is an invaluable guide to the ever-important question:

Where on earth will you go next?

Five reasons why you should buy this book:

  1. It is the ONLY objective quantitative rating system of the world's countries - specifically designed to help the traveler work out where on earth to go next.
  2. It will suggest countries you haven't thought of - maybe haven't even heard of.
  3. It is one of the very few single volume guides to the whole world.
  4. It is inexpensive - less than a glass of cheap wine in Paris.
  5. If it helps you make one good travel decision it will pay for itself a hundred times over.
Top 100 Cover paperback

If you buy only one travel book this year, make this it!

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Sources and Methodology

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Four different formats!

eBook - Amazon Kindle ($US6.99)

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PDF - 380 page .pdf file you can print out or read on screen ($US6.99)

Print - 380 page hard copy real book ($US24.99)

Download your FREE Report on Europe's Top Five Countries

This 39 page report has the key ratings information and country profiles of the five top rating European countries in the Top 100 book.

They are fabulous countries to visit. We call them the 'Big Five' - France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. Everybody should visit them, and many times.

The descriptions in this report are not summaries. They are the full listings from the Top 100 Countries book. And it's free!