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Why we go where we go. Here are some blogs about the Top 100 Countries.

Travel is a succession of small adventures. And they make life one big one.

For something a little different, read GP's travel poems.

Hiter's Birthplace

AUSTRIA. Visiting Adolf Hitler’s birthplace

By GP | Nov 25, 2019

THERE WE WERE, motoring down the autobahn in a black turbocharged C class Mercedes. I was feeling pretty pleased with…

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IRELAND. The best pub in the world

By GP | Aug 27, 2019

ONE OF OUR favorite things when we travel is going into pubs and bars and other drinking establishments. We love…

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Sagrada Familia

SPAIN. The Sagrada Família – Gaudi’s masterpiece

By GP | Aug 16, 2019

NOTHING PREPARED ME for the Sagrada Família. This famous church in the suburbs of Barcelona is the supreme achievement of…

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ITALY. Venice in winter

By GP | Aug 9, 2019

VENICE IS THE most magical city on earth. The whole place is a museum. The only way to move around…

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Good countries that are top value

By GP | Aug 2, 2019

WHICH COUNTRIES ARE good to travel in and also offer value for money? We all like a bargain. The Top…

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Diego Rivera

MEXICO. What surprised me the most

By GP | Jul 26, 2019

I’VE BEEN TO the USA over 70 times. Set foot in 43 states. When I first went there back in…

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SCOTLAND. On Loch Ness (A Poem)

By GP | Oct 25, 2018

Inverness is monster town, they make a big thing of it Like the Kiwis with their Middle Earth and Orcs…

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Why I wrote the Top 100 Countries book

By GP | Oct 17, 2018

THEY SAY IT’s a small world. It isn’t. Planet Earth is a big place and full of infinite variety. There…

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INDIA. Into the slums of Mumbai

By GP | Oct 7, 2018

I HAD A SPARE day in Mumbai. I had been there a few times before, but I’d never spent any…

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