Graeme Philipson has been traveling the world for business and pleasure for 40 years. He has worked in or visited most of the Top 100 countries, and been to quite a few others.

In his long career as one of the world's leading tech industry journalists and market analysts he developed a unique perspective on Planet Earth. His worldview is informed by a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the countries he has visited. He conceived the idea of the Top 100 Countries index based on similar ratings systems he has devised for commercial use in the sustainability, local government and home automation sectors.

GP, as he is universally known, has also written a number of major studies on the restaurant industry and published a book of original poems.

This website, and the travel books he has written, combine the best of all possible worlds - his passion (travel), his knowledge (history) and his skills (data analysis and writing).

There is nothing more fun than travel, he believes, nor anything that teaches you more about life. "And you get to eat great food, meet fabulous people, and have a really good time," he says. He now devotes his life to travel, and writing about the places he has been.

His mission, which he has chosen to accept, is to work out where on earth to go next.  And to help others do the same.  "Why go where?" is the eternal question.

So many places, so little time  ...