Graeme Philipson CV

Graeme Philipson is an author, communicator, poet and market researcher. He has written books on travel, high technology, business, and history. He has launched and edited many business and technology magazines, and written several corporate histories. He has spoken at dozens of conferences around the world, including many keynote presentations, achieving high marks for the quality of his content and his presentation style.

He is author of The Top 100 Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them, a book based on a rating system he has devised to rank every country by ten key criteria important to the traveler. He is now writing Do-It-Yourself Travel - Tips, Tricks and Techniques, a guide to traveling the world without using middlemen.

He is also author of the definitive A Vision Splendid: The History of the Australian Computer Industry, the first ever book on the subject, and a number of technology and business titles. His book of original poems, Social Cricket, the Universe and Everything, was published in 2015.

He has combined his writing career with market research and analysis. He has conducted over 50 major market research studies around the world, for clients in Australia, the USA, the UK and Japan. He has developed a number of ratings systems to quantitatively rank participants in a number of industry sectors, including travel, hospitality, sustainability, local government and energy management.

Previous credits include: founder and Research Director of Connection Research; founding editor of MIS Magazine and co-founder of Strategic Publishing Group; Research Director for leading publicly listed technology analyst group Gartner; weekly IT columnist in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age; Editor of Computerworld Australia; and travel writer for Westpac Traveller and The Hilton Magazine.

He has written over 3000 articles and columns on travel, technology and business for many publications around the world. He now writes mostly on travel, and blogs at his travel website

He has lived and worked in Australia, the USA, the UK and Singapore. He has a BA in Political Science and Modern History from the University of New England, and lives in Sydney, Australia.


Current Activities

  • Travel writer, author and blogger

Matching my skills with my passion

  • Marketing and editorial consultant to business and technology suppliers

Corporate writing, corporate histories, market analysis, marketing research.

  • Contributing Editor, Government News

Biweekly newsletter and government policy and administration.

  • Market research consultant to Intermedia Pty Ltd

Market research for mid-size B2B publishing company. Mainly in the hospitality industry.



Very Good Written English

  • Author of eight books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles
  • Extensive corporate writing – corporate histories, white papers, brochures, web sites, press releases, etc.
  • Development and presentation of “Effective Written Communication for Business” courses
  • Award winning and published poet

Very Good Presentation Capabilities

  • Spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences – very high audience ratings
  • On the books of four celebrity speakers’ bureaus

Diverse International Experience

  • Extensive work in Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, UK, USA
  • Also worked in EU, China, India, Japan
  • Extensive international travel for business and pleasure to over 50 countries. Almost fluent German, restaurant level French, Spanish and Italian

Broad Knowledge of High Technology Industries

  • Information and Communications Technology (specialist in the history of the industry)
  • Sustainability and Environmental
  • Biotechnology

Extensive Practical Experience in Statistical Analysis

  • Extensive analysis of structured and unstructured survey data
  • Extensive survey and database design

Unusually Broad General Knowledge

  • Degree in Political Science and Modern History, history addict
  • Trivial Pursuit nut and quiz show champion
  • Member, Mensa International


Previous Activities 1992-2010

1998-2010. Independent consultant, Wollongong (Australia)

Successful high technology analysis and writing consultancy. Freelance journalism, market research, commercial writing, conference speaking, marketing consultancy, etc. Major clients included IBM (keynote speeches at various conferences in Australia and internationally), HP (keynote speeches at various roadshows in Australasia and Asia), Accenture (extensive commercial writing), SAP (marketing analysis), Compuware (seminars, conferences, market research) Microsoft (conference speaking), and many others.

Publishing and market research clients included Fairfax Media (weekly IT column for 11 years, and various feature articles), Butler Group (regular articles, conference speaking and consultancy), CBS Interactive (extensive market analysis projects), etc. Partner in biotechnology market research and bioinformatics consultancy (BioLateral). Many other projects for a large range of clients.

1996-98: Director, Demand Research, Asia-Pacific
Gartner, Sydney and Singapore

Joined after Gartner acquired SPG’s Strategic Research division (see below). Responsible for developing and managing Gartner’s demand-side research capabilities across the region. Also acted as Gartner’s senior ERP analyst in Australia. Member of management team during Gartner’s significant mid 90s Asia-Pacific expansion phase. Extensive public speaking in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

1992-99: Co-founder, Research Director and Editorial Director, Strategic Publishing Group, Sydney and Singapore

Founding editor of SPG’s very successful MIS (Managing Information Strategies) magazine, and originator of Strategic Research’s unique user-based research program (acquired by Gartner in 1996). SPG operated in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and India, and also published CFO, Information Age, P4+ and eBusiness magazines. SPG was acquired by leading Australian publishing house John Fairfax in December 1999. The company was founded with four people and US$30,000. At the time of acquisition there were over 120 staff, and annual revenues were over US$7 million. Headquarters were transferred from Sydney to Singapore in 1997. Extensive world travel. (Non-Executive Director 1996-99).

Other work during this period:

  • 1998-2006: Weekly IT industry opinion columnist in the computer section of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (Melbourne).
  • 1993-96: Weekly IT industry opinion columnist in the computer section of The Australian Then the world’s largest weekly computer supplement.
  • 1994: Founding President, Australian Computer Museum Society. Australia has the world’s second-best collection of computer memorabilia, but there is no display space. The society lives.
  • 1991-95: Asia-Pacific correspondent for Software magazine (Westboro, MA). The magazine’s first voice in the region.


Earlier Life and Work (to 1992)

  • 1989-92. Founding Editor, True Blue magazine. Australia’s only magazine on IBM mainframe and midrange computers. Founder, CMP Research (sold to SPG in 1992). Extensive world travel.
  • 1988-92: Freelance technology journalist and analyst. Staff writer for analyst firm CTR (Charleston, SC). Author of Implementing CASE Technology (ISBN 0-927695-63-4), Mainframe Wars (ISBN 0-927695-71-5), and IBM's ESA Strategy (ISBN 0-927695-78-2). Australian distributor for CTR’s material. Editor of Computing 100 annual (1989-91), frequent contributor and weekly large systems columnist in Computing Australia.
  • 1987-88: Editor, Computerworld Australia. At that time, the industry’s journal of record.
  • 1985-87: Freelance Itechnology journalist and analyst. Senior consultant, IDC Australia. Senior consultant, Focus Research .
  • 1984-85. Conference Product Manager, MTE. Australia’s leading business seminar company.
  • 1983-84: Research Manager, Yankee Group Australia. The Gartner of the 80s.
  • 1983: Founding editor, Australian Apple Review. Early days in Australian IT journalism.
  • 1982-83: Travel journalist, Gareth Powell Pty Ltd. Lots of fun, no money. Extensive world travel.
  • 1981-83: Sales manager, Zofarry Enterprises. Australia’s most innovative Apple dealership.
  • 1980: On the Road. Nine remarkable months Kerouacking around the USA.
  • 1978-80: Computer salesman, Burroughs Corp. and Apple’s Australian distributor. Personally sold Australia’s first ever retail copies of VisiCalc and dBase II, and first IBM PC XT.
  • 1976-78: Computer operator, Esso Australia and Citicorp. “Computers are the future”.
  • 1972-75: University of New England (Armidale, NSW, Australia). Distinction in UNE’s inaugural Political Science degree – first graduate from UNE in that subject. Double major Political Science and Modern History. Cataloguer in UNE’s Dixon Library – information junky at an early age. BA awarded 1976.
  • 1966-71: Tamworth High School (Tamworth, NSW, Australia). Arts in junior high school, sciences in senior high school. Higher School Certificate awarded 1971.


Personal Details

Born in Griffith, NSW, Australia on 27 February 1954. Australian nationality.
Weight 100kg, Height 180cm. Excellent health.

Personal website (out of date)


Travel, History and Futurism, Good Food and Drink, Country Music (composition and performance), Classical Music, Poetry (writing and appreciation – number of awards), Dogs, Mensa, die deutsche Sprache and all things German, Collecting books (library of 3500 volumes), Movies and TV, Cricket (former captain of Phantom International XI social team), Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Baseball, Backgammon, Chess (school and university college champion).


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