A new travel book - A new way of looking at the world

SYDNEY, Australia.  15 November 2018.  New travel publisher whygowhere.com has announced its first book. ‘The Top Hundred Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them’ is the first travel book that rates all major destinations in the world according to key criteria important to the traveler.

“I’m pretty sure it’s unique,” says author and publisher Graeme Philipson. “I’ve done a lot of research and I can’t find anything else like it.”

Philipson is an Australian technology journalist and market researcher who has traveled the world extensively for business and pleasure for 40 years. Now he’s a travel writer. He says the idea for the book came to him from the many ratings systems he devised as a market analyst, in fields as diverse as energy efficiency, local government, and the hospitality industry.

“My work as a market analyst has made me appreciate the value of quantitative data.” He says. “And my career as a journalist has taken me all over the world. Travel is my passion. Now it’s all come together in this innovative book.”

Graeme Philipson is based in Australia but travels extensively. The book is written for the global market in international (i.e. American) English. Its 380 pages contain detailed tables on each of the top 100 countries, based on the rating system he has devised. The rankings are based on ten criteria:

  • Popularity (tourists per year)
  • Number of things to see and do
  • Tourist friendliness
  • Value for money
  • Number of World Heritage Properties
  • Safety and security
  • Quality of the health system
  • Quality of the environment
  • Corruption level
  • Personal and economic freedom.

All are based on publicly available indexes from reputable international sources, just as the United Nations. They have been normalized so that all the ratings are from 0 to 100, giving an overall score for each country.

The top rated country overall is the USA, mainly because of its sheer size and variety of things to see and do. The next five are the ‘Big Five’ of Western Europe: France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. They all rate well in such areas as the quality of their tourist infrastructure, their healthcare, and the number of places to see and things to do. Canada, Austria, Japan and Switzerland round out the Top Ten.

“The ratings are completely objective,“ says Philipson. “It’s not my data. But I do get a bit opinionated when I write about each of the countries. The place isn’t worth visiting, I say so. I hate travel books that sugar coat everything. But I can support my views, because I have independent data to back me up.”

It is Philipson’s first travel book. He has also written the definitive history of the Australian computer industry, and has published a book of his original poetry. “But travel is my life,” he says. “I’m sick of writing about technology. It was a great career, but now it’s time to follow my dream.

“I honestly believe ‘The Top Hundred Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them’ offers a refreshingly different way of looking at the world. It was enormous fun to write. I hope readers will enjoy it as much.”

The book is available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book or a print edition. There is also an ePub version for other e-readers. A PDF version is available directly from www.whygowhere.com

For more information, visit the www.whygowhere.com website. It contains extracts from the book, more information on the methodology, and Philipson’s blog.


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About Graeme Philipson

Graeme Philipson is an author, communicator, poet and market researcher. He has written books on travel, high technology, business, and history. He has launched and edited many business and technology magazines, and written several corporate histories. He has spoken at dozens of conferences around the world, including many keynote presentations, achieving high marks for the quality of his content and his presentation style.

He is author of The Top 100 Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them, a book based on a rating system he has devised to rank every country by ten key criteria important to the traveler. He is now writing Do-It-Yourself Travel, a guide to traveling the world without using middlemen.

He is also author of the definitive A Vision Splendid: The History of the Australian Computer Industry, the first ever book on the subject, and a number of technology and business titles. His book of original poems, Social Cricket, the Universe and Everything, was published in 2015.

He has combined his writing career with market research and analysis. He has conducted over 50 major market research studies around the world, for clients in Australia, the USA, the UK and Japan. He has developed a number of ratings systems to quantitatively rank participants in a number of industry sectors, including travel, hospitality, sustainability, local government and energy management.

Previous credits include: founder and Research Director of Connection Research; founding editor of MIS Magazine and co-founder of Strategic Publishing Group; Research Director for leading publicly listed technology analyst group Gartner; weekly IT columnist in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age; Editor of Computerworld Australia; and travel writer for Westpac Traveller and The Hilton Magazine.

He has written over 3,000 articles and columns on travel, technology and business for many publications around the world. He now writes mostly on travel, and blogs at his travel website www.whygowhere.com.

He has lived and worked in Australia, the USA, the UK and Singapore. He has a BA in Political Science and Modern History from the University of New England, and lives in Sydney, Australia.

His personal website is at www.philipson.info