Where on Earth will you go next?

Why this book is different

The Top 100 Countries - And Why You Should Visit Them

This the first time all the world's important travel destinations have been objectively ranked. We have developed a unique rating system, then used that to look at each country by ten different actors. We have put it all together in an innovative book - half reference book, half travel guide - specifically designed to help you answer that most important of travel decisions:

Where on earth will I go next?

Unique Rating System

Country rankings are based on ten key criteria - Things to see and do, value for money, quality of the health system, personal safety, etc.


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Second Edition now available.

All ratings updated for 2020.

140 countries now rated and ranked.


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The Top 100

And Why You Should
Visit Them

This innovative book uses a unique rating system to help you understand each country.

  • 140 countries rated and ranked by ten criteria.
  • Detailed descriptions of what to do and where to go for 100 countries.
  • Best thing, worst thing, what to eat and drink for 100 countries.
  • We don't ignore the bottom 100 - every country on earth described.
  • 390 pages, 68,000 words

Incredible value for only US$6.99  (Kindle) or US$19.95 (Print).

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If you buy only one travel book this year, make this it!

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Sample content:

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How we rated the countries

The ten source indexes in the Top 100 Countries ranking

A detailed overview of the ten indexes. Where we got them from, what they mean, how we scaled them:

  1. Popularity
  2. Tourist infrastructure
  3. Value for money
  4. Happiness level
  5. Number of World Heritage Properties
  6. Safety and security
  7. Quality of the health system
  8. Quality of the environment
  9. Corruption level
  10. Personal and economic freedom

What readers and reviewers are saying

 Philipson's descriptions, cautions and evaluations were spot on. The rest of the book seems to be just as informative and insightful. It's a book that you can pick up at any page and get absorbed in. It's weirdly different to any other travel book I've read. You need to love data to really get into it but once you do, it's addictive.

Steve Townsend
Sydney, Australia

This is a remarkable book. The rating system is a totally original idea. Too many travel books say everywhere is fabulous, when of course many places are much better than others.

Eric Warburton
Foreword to The Top 100 Countries

It has some quirky advice and interesting facts that will go a long way when it comes to helping readers judge a place on its merits. Unique travel books are rare and the details given in this book are succinct and useful

Mamta Madhavan
Readers’ Favorite

You have taken the fear of traveling alone out of my vocabulary.. Thank you for putting together all of this wonderful information.

Jean Walker
Vancouver, Canada

We love travelling and like to explore new countries and places on our own terms.  We are already using this book to help plan our next adventure!

Jenny and Steve Ingram
Aberdeen, Scotland

 I started by reading about my favourite places and found myself to be in agreement with the writer 99% of the time. I then looked at some places we are planning to visit very soon and again the advice was spot on and matched what our inside contacts are telling us. The rating system is very handy and honest. Plus it’s easy to read, funny and practical. Highly recommended for anyone planning a trip, experienced traveller or not, this is very down to earth, sensible and interesting travel book. Well worth buying.

Imogen Boas
Sydney, Australia